Excellent Health Care Services

Realizing that any admission to a Long Term Acute Care Hospital for recovery can be lengthy and not without challenges, our committed and compassionate Team of individuals strive to ensure we are meeting each patient's individual needs.

At Atrium Medical hospital, we offer a warm, friendly team environment. Since we are a 68 bed hospital, we have the advantage of being able to provide all of the support and leadership of the larger facilities in a "Big Town" atmosphere. We adjust our staffing to meet the complex needs of our patients. We know that our staff is our most valued asset, therefore we offer advanced educational programs and benefits to help our staff attain the highest level of professional development.

Atrium Houston Medical Center's success in this endeavor is apparent - patients and families rate our quality of care at 91.8% and more than 90% are highly likely to recommend Atrium.

What Is Long Term Acute Care

Our patients receive this much needed care through treatment delivered according to their individual needs. Our board-certified physicians see patients daily to assure the best outcomes possible. The majority of our patients are admitted after a stay in a short-term hospital, often from intensive care and step-down units. Atrium Hospital specialize in caring for patients with:

An average length of stay of 25-30 days Three to six concurrent active diagnoses and an acute episode on top of several chronic illnesses and co-morbidity that cannot be treated effectively at an alternative level of care Multiple acute complexities as determined by a physician assessment and subsequent documentation requiring daily physician intervention

How We Serve Ltacs

Atrium Long-term acute care services give patients and their families a peace of mind. When loved ones are ill, providing at home care is tense and demanding. At Atrium Medical Hospital, our trained medical staff delivers around the clock care and treatment 24 hours per day for LTACS patients.

Our goal is to provide exceptional healthcare opportunities to our patients and their family members. This requires teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. At Long term acute care, this is who we are. We provide an environment that is conducive to healing, while protecting the rights and dignity of our patients.

At Long term acute care, we understand the importance of families, and the way families interact with each other, especially during periods of medical illnesses. We respond with compassion and understanding of the seriousness of treating patients, while meeting the needs of their families

Patient care does not begin, when the patient arrives, it becomes before they walk through the doors of Long term acute care. To ensure our patients get the quality of care they deserve, we offer development opportunities for healthcare professionals that want to achieve maximum growth and recognition in their respective medical fields.

Positive interaction with patients is crucial to our patients’ treatment and healing. Patients are the center of our existence, and their progress hinges on the efforts, knowledge, and expertise of our top-notch medical staff. Action speaks louder than words, and our action shows in every program, and treatment plan we initiate for our patients. Charity begins at home, and for the hundreds of patients that are a part of Long Term Acute Care Services, we are home.

Some Commitment & Statics

Our committed and compassionate Team of individuals strive to ensure we are meeting each patient's individual needs.

  • 98% Wound Management
  • 99%LTAC'S
  • 95%Critical Care Nursing
  • 95%Wound Management